About Us

FemmeFirm Healing Body Butter was born after extensive research and experimenting of natural and plant based products. We strongly believe that everything your skin needs to be healthy, is firmly "rooted" in the earth, not stripped and replicated in a lab.

The inspiration for FemmeFirm skincare came from a personal experience of finding limited, pleasant ,natural anti-inflammatory skincare products in the market. Our skin is exposed everyday to free radicals in our environment that damage the skin and accelerate skin aging and reduces skin resilience. FemmeFirm believes our daily skincare should not only provide moisture to our skin but most importantly protect it.

We have been able to create body butter formulas that are chemical free, smells amazing and provides two elements vital to our skin - Healing and Nourishment!

Our formula consist of a potent blend of plant-based oils, essential oils and botanical extracts.